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Matchplat offers a data analysis service to qualified companies, with the aim of assisting them to evaluate each decision effectively and understand where to focus their investments.


Artificial intelligence algorithms and the dedicated platform allow companies to carry out research for each product, obtaining accurate and updated data.


Companies will be able to discover a new way to structure their business strategies and learn about new realities to focus on.

100% of products with HS code

in the market are analyzed by Analytics

Intuitive platform

to focus your time on results
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196 nations in the world

represent the countries reached by Analytics

Monthly updates

on the data contained within the platform

Analytics is simple and effective

Perform a Specific Search

When a company subscribes to our analysis service, it can carry out specific searches for each of its products. There is no need to fill complex forms, just enter the name of the product of interest or its HS code.

Identification of the results through proper algorithms

Thanks to our artificial intelligence algorithms, we analyze all Import/Export data for every single country worldwide. You can compare the results, study the countries with the largest number of companies on the market and much more.

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Expand your knowledge in the markets and focus your investments!

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