In the last weeks, the new Matchplat Analytics platform has been released.

This tool was created with the aim of helping companies and freelancers to understand how to focus their investments in foreign markets, showing the users import and export data of the entire world market.

The Analytics Platform is very intuitive and has been designed to allow the user to navigate through it with ease of use.

The research division is based on HS customs codes which allow it to be very precise and to show the user only what can really be useful to focus their investments (if you are a company that produces preserves and sauces, in order to focus your investments in export it will be useful to know the classification of your products in the world market, but not that of automotive sector for example).

All users searches in the platform shows 3 outputs: the top 10 markets by number of active companies, the top 10 importing countries of the selected product (with the dollars that they spend during the year) and the top 10 exporting countries of that product (with the amount spent during the year).

Once you search by HS code, it is possible to segment your search and select the countries you are interested in. In this way, the platform shows the user the data of the selected countries compared to each other, in order to help the user in the best choice for his business.

The platform is sold on a monthly or annual subscription and offers a free trial to test the instrument before purchasing it.

For more information about Matchplat Analytics, visit our website at