Today the data are fundamental.

In any sector, it is increasingly important to make decisions based on up-to-date information that can generate a positive ROI.

Data strategy for SMEs

Gaining a competitive advantage depends not only on the ability to collect and store data, but also to work it properly to obtain value information. Big Data does not only mean large amounts of data, but above all data of different types analysed in real time to become knowledge.

While these elements have been part of big companies’ strategies for a long time, SMEs may find it difficult to integrate them into their daily operations. The lack of sufficient knowledge to develop the business internally, the difficulty in finding the right skills and the associated costs may discourage many small and medium-sized enterprises.

As a result, only a few of these companies have so far adopted a data-based strategy that is effective and capable of seizing new business opportunities: a fundamental step, especially in a context like Italy, where more than 98% of active companies are classified as SMEs.

The benefits that such an approach brings are multiple: it is possible to optimize processes, for example by making it easier to find new business partners thanks to reliable information. Or improve supply and distribution relationships through up-to-date import-export data, or map entire geographical areas to discover the concentration of competitors in the countries best suited to your business.

All these processes need to be supported by accessible and correct information, so that SMEs have all the flexibility they need to be able to act in a timely manner, given lower budgets and often limited timeframes to make decisions.

Matchplat understands the importance of this need and has developed its services to support small and medium-sized enterprises in developing information-based strategies exhaustive and accurate. Through a integrated and accessible offer, we aim to transform data into a truly useful resource for any business, making the B2B market accessible to all businesses.

Thanks to specific analysis services, the aim is to go beyond the mere provision of data, providing companies with an up-to-date information heritage, in order to provide management staff and entrepreneurs with information that can have an impact on their business.

Whether it is to internationalise your business by finding new distributors, find out the trends of export of a commodity or get the contacts of key figures within other organisations, a well-designed data strategy can make a difference, allowing you to get the right information when you need it.

The best way to develop it? Rely on a team with a solid background, where ICT and business knowledge combine with the communication skills needed to respond adequately to the needs of each company. In this way it is possible to overcome any lack of technical skills, without incurring in high costs that most SMEs may not be able to sustain.

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