In today’s business world there are many companies (small, medium, large) whose core business is the distribution or resale of other brands. These companies are not easy to find and sometimes they have exclusive contracts with other brands.

For this reason, we would like to help you understand this point with a targeted comparison on how you can get to the result (find new distributors of your products) in the shortest possible time and without wasting money.

trovare nuovi distributori/to fine new distributors

In order to find new distributors there are various types of activities a company can do, but they all require great efforts in terms of time and money. But let’s go in order:

1) Trade Show: The trade show is the most common method of meeting but not at all the companies are the right ones for your distribution activities. The research among all the exhibitors can take a long time and you will never have the guarantee that there are the right ones for your needs. For this reason, we advise you to invest more time in the research of information about those exhibitions or to entrust you to companies like Matchplat that can organize appointments at trade fairs only with the target companies and really interested.

2) Purchasing Databases: Buying databases is a very expensive activity in terms of time and money and it requires a dedicated person to verify that companies in the target sector have the characteristics you are looking for. For this reason, we advise you to consider this option only if your company is big and structured enough and there is one person dedicated to do this. Alternatively you can use targeting services like those offered by Matchplat.

3) Market Research: In today’s business world, there are many companies that offer market research service. This is the fastest way to get all the information that you need but it is usually very expensive in terms of money and still requires a dedicated person to contact all the companies to explain your needs. Matchplat offers a service which allows companies to outsource this part so that you can get in touch only with those who are really interested in meeting you.

These are useful methods to find new distributors; we advise you to choose them carefully and select the best one according to your business strategies in order to avoid any waste of time and resources.