I spent my first 40 years at a leading company in Italy in the distribution of hydraulic and pneumatic components.

With a market where the rules have changed radically and with so many SMEs with significant untapped potential , in December 2015, we decided to set up

Vepa Consulting: the outsourced commercial office of a series of companies.

Every partner is managed by a group of dedicated professionals.

Vepa is the tool to increase the value of the work and professionalism of these companies.

Today these companies constitute an important working group.

In agreement with the property, we maximize the potential of every single company by creating opportunities and opening up new markets.

Having more collaborations and collaborators we are able to offer the market a wider service with the consequent benefit, for both customers and builders, of having fewer interlocutors to follow and this can sometimes be a winning asset.

In December 2018 I met the young but well-prepared Andrea Gilberti,CEO and creator of Matchplat, who introduced me to their project.

It was immediately clear and evident that in a market where rules change quickly Matchplat is and will increasingly be the innovative, strategic, useful and necessary tool for sharing and realizing development and growth opportunities.

We immediately established an important working group to develop the market. In addition to offering it to the market, we also started using Matchplat for our business.

In the past we have invested significant economic and human resources in the search for collaborations to face new markets without obtaining satisfactory results.

The search for an organization to develop the market for our partners, sometimes involves an expenditure of important economic and human resources without having the certainty of the result.

The first of March, with Matchplat, we started the search for collaborations in two European countries and today, in just three weeks, we have already had several positive feedbacks to evaluate with a contained and reasonable cost!

With Matchplat every company, regardless of size, can now be sure of increasing the possibility of achieving its objectives.

Why do we need to try?

  1. Anonymous search.
  2. Reliable and very low cost.
  3. Short time for the match.
  4. Database of 250,000,000 VAT numbers worldwide.
  5. Artificial intelligence algorithm for selection.
  6. A small number of potential partners to analyze.
  7. Guaranteed result.

With Matchplat you are in the future today!
With Matchplat you can be sure of the result!

Sergio Verdenelli