On the 6th of March, we organized an Italian Training Day in Brescia with the Vepa Consulting support.

Many Vepa Business Partners, interested to explore the potential collaboration with Matchplat, attended our event.


During the event, the Business Partners asked different questions about the quality of our current members and how Matchplat makes qualitative control.

Our Managers answered by explaining how Matchplat, with the support of the information providers partners, can qualify all the companies inside the network.

All our clients are qualified by legal, financial and credit situation, payment reliability and image damage, in order to create a quality network.

During the morning session, our financier Andrea Franceschetti (vice-president at Gefran Group) explained the way he found out about Matchplat project and how much he believes in it.

Andrea strongly believes this is an important opportunity for all the ambitious companies: for this reason, every company should subscribe Matchplat in order to expand their horizons and increase their revenue.

All the Business Partners that were involved in our event received our brochures, the marketing presentations and the certificate of participation so that they can start the promotion to companies.

Some of them started to create the sales forecast for the first month while others have already met with customers.