Our services are available from around 2 years.
In these years, we involved various companies, from different countries with multiple needs.

From our data, we can say that 70% of our clients are interested in finding business relations with new distributors in order to increase their sales channels. 15% are interested in meeting new suppliers, so as to put in competition their current ones or to develop new products required by their clients.

10% wants to develop a collaboration with new partners with the aim to provide a complete pack of products to their interested buyers. 5% wants to find new clients, to increase their revenue and customer package.

Our Matchmaking department has managed different opportunities in these months with a conversion of:

98% of success in suppliers research;

95% of success in distributors research;

85% of success in partners research.

At the moment, our Matchplat Connect service reached very important numbers since 89% of registered companies has been provided at least one MATCH in 6 weeks.

Over the months we keep on adding new companies on our platform, increasing the opportunities managed and the success rate for companies.