We are very proud to announce the implementation of the Insights Function on our platform. Our clients will be able to monitor their opportunities from Monday, July 8th.

For a better understanding of our Insights, here are some question/answer which can be useful

What is the utility of the Insights function?

Matchplat Insights function allows your company to see our work in real time. The utility of this function is to enable companies to understand the market response in their sectors and to discover the companies (interested and not) of the reference country.

Which are the visible data in the Insights?

With Matchplat Insights, you can understand the interest of the market, on the basis of the information provided by our matchmaking department. From the Insights screen, you can see your reference Matchmaker and the initial database taken into consideration the target selected in the opportunity. Users will be able to monitor each step of their opportunity and discover the list of the contacted companies.

How long does it take to pass from one step to another?

Every opportunity is a new research for our company.
The time from one step to another depend on the difficult of the opportunity and the number of companies returned in the research audience. Completing the Insights steps takes approximately 6-8 weeks of Matchmakers’ work.

What is the Matchmaker role?

The Matchmaker is a person who in charge of your opportunity.
The Insights function is connected with our Matchmaking platform and reports the information managed by your Matchmaker, with the comments and the data about the interest. After the skimming by artificial intelligence, your Matchmaker will contact all the target companies and try to put yourself in contact with new partners.

The Insights function adds value to the user experience and support the companies to remain updated on our research, in order to understand all the work done to create new relations.