Social media are the second face of your company: an active social media presence builds relationships with your audience and is key to customer service.

In today’s world, many companies still ignore the social channels and their importance: as a matter of fact, most of them are unambitious, not being interested in international growth.

Uso dei social media nel B2B/use of social media in the B2B market

In today’s B2B world, social media is a very important tool, helping companies to gain both reputation and new customers.

For this reason, we believe it is important for you to know these 3 aspects, to bring more value to your followers and increase their interest in your products or services:

1) Always respect your editorial calendar: Your followers know what you publish and when you publish it. Respecting your editorial calendar by type of content and time of publication, allows your company to be considered as a well-organized reality;

2) Always publish new content: Never recycle your old posts and never copy those of others. Always bringing new content owned by you or with your own ideas and reflections is very important; your followers and customers trust you and want to know the news you have to offer;

3) Never be too persistent: Your followers want to know things they don’t know, that’s why they frequent social networks. Your goal is to satisfy their desire to know and not to bother them with continuous promotions of your products. With this we are not saying not to do promotions, but to do them very rarely, every 8-10 posts of real value.

Social media is very important to verify your reliability and to know more about the activities carried out by your company. Moreover, a strong social media presence builds brand loyalty (companies with active social media profiles have more loyal customers). Don’t forget to consider the notions mentioned above and keep them in mind, with the aim of increasingly improve your approach within your social media.

If you don’t have a social presence, we advise you to open a company account, in order to cultivate the relations with your current clients and to reach new potential customers that may be interested to know more about you and your products.