At the beginning of the year, I had the pleasure of meeting the team of Matchplat, a StartUp with its headquarter in Brescia, whose mission is to create relations between qualified companies worldwide.

Matchplat is a global service and it offers a platform that allows its clients to find the strategic partners for their business. Once the qualification and “creaming off” processes are done, our clients receive one or more match requests from companies already interested.

Fascinated from the innovative project and the digital contribution in the B2B market, I decided to buy for one of my clients their core service, “Matchplat Connect”.

On March 13th, my client published one specific need on the Matchplat platform, namely the research of distributors of robotic systems in the Romanian market.

On March 27th, he received the first contact (the so-called match) from a distributor which was in target and qualified.

While starting negotiations with the first distributor, my client received new match request from other potential partners.

Within an extremely short period of time and without additional effort, every company can get in touch with qualified companies interested to start a collaboration.

How does it work?

Once the need from a client is established, the Matchplat team starts to work in order to satisfy that specific need, studying all the details and collecting the distinctive data.

Thanks to an automated process and artificial intelligence algorithms, they identify the right target for each need and, with the support of a global database of all worldwide companies, they started making researches on the companies considered “in target”.

The next step is to make quality checks on financial, legal, credit situation as well as reliability in payments and image damage of each company.

After this, the Matchplat team starts to contact only the companies ‘in target’ that pass the quality control and share with them the need of the client, ensuring anonymity.

This process allows Matchplat’s clients to receive requests that are ‘in target’, only from qualified companies which are already interested.

Alongside with this process, in May there was one last update of the process since Matchplat has integrated the “Insight” function of the platform, allowing clients to receive market reports related to the need at issue.

I recommend Matchplat to all the ambitious companies that want to grow or to explore new markets, relying on a group of professionals.