Yesterday the Matchplat team, alongside the Altoga and Vepa support, held an informative event at Confcommercio Milano. The purpose was to explain to Altoga’s members the importance of Matchplat’s services and to understand the needs of the companies attending the event.

The presentation of our company was carried out by Andrea Gilberti (President), Mara Volpi (Business Partner) and Mara Verdenelli (Business Partner), with the aid of videos and slides.

The explanations revealed various important topics about Matchplat:

1) Matchplat is a company whose aim is to create valuable relations between companies. 2) In Matchplat people are at the center of the company. The customer satisfaction is easier with a group of people who collaborate with passion and shared values. 3) Matchplat connects the artificial intelligence with human intelligence, in order to create the perfect relationship to satisfy the customers.

Matchplat’s services for companies are divided in 3 different types:

1) Matchplat Connect: This is the core service of our company. Matchplat Connect allows to publish the needs of your company anonymously in our platform, activating our research process. The collaboration between artificial intelligence and human intelligence allows us to find the right companies for your needs. You will receive contacts only by qualified companies, interested to collaborate with you. 2) Matchplat Analytics: This service is a new service, at the moment in beta test, but it will be available by the end of September. Matchplat Analitycs allows you to do market research, sectors analysis, research of specifics companies and research of competitors, in order to create the best expansion strategy for your company. 3) Matchplat Pre-Exhibitions: This service is crucial for companies participating to fairs. Matchplat Pre-Exhibitions allows you to schedule your appointments in your next exhibitions by publishing your needs in our platform. The collaboration of artificial intelligence and human intelligence will allow us to find the right companies in those exhibitions. You will receive contacts only by qualified companies, interested to your needs and you may fix appointments, in order to meet them in that exhibition.



After our explanation, the companies present at the meeting asked some questions to our speakers, in order to discover all the details about our services. The majority of the questions concerned Matchplat Connect and Andrea Gilberti answered them giving some examples.

At the end of the day, some participants talked with our managers to explain them their needs and to fix appointment with the objective of starting the use of our services.

On a final note, the event was very interesting and many of the presents gave a good feedback about the experience.