Matchplat and the University of Milano-Bicocca are launching a new partnership to support the activities of CRIET and Bicocca4Management (B4M), the education program of the University’s Department of Business and Economics.

Our aim is to make innovative work methods and effective tools available to the academic community in order to obtain increasingly reliable results that reflect the complexity of today’s economic and social scenario.

Matchplat e Univeristà Bicocca | Immagine a colori di uno studente che lavora a un progetto

The players: CRIET and Bicocca4Management

CRIET, directed by Angelo Di Gregorio, Professor of Management and President of the Italian Society of Marketing, was founded in 2006 and today comprehends several national universities.

The Centre is involved in study and research activities dedicated to key issues of our time such as smart cities, supply of raw materials, innovation in government and sustainable development.

Through a multidisciplinary approach oriented to public-private convergence, the Centre is the heart of a network of companies and institutions united to promote the growth of the territory.

Bicocca4Management is the University’s platform dedicated to higher education in the field of management, which offers graduates and professionals a selection of masters and advanced courses focused on the business world.

At Matchplat we have decided to make the activities of these institutions more efficient by providing them with our automated market analysis.

The tools: Artificial Intelligence, global databases and rapid analysis

The activities carried out by CRIET require effective solutions that meet ambitious goals.

A concrete example is raw materials and the techniques for supplying them, which are researched by a permanent observatory within the Centre.

Monitoring the evolution of this market means studying the manufacturers involved, understanding not only their quantity but also their features: the activities they carry out, the products they process, the methods they use and the certifications they hold.

By providing CRIET Explore and its database of 400 million companies, we want to offer students and researchers an up-to-date snapshot of the global market, obtainable in a short time thanks to our Artificial Intelligence algorithms.

In this way, we aim to make it easier to study a industrial landscape that has undergone radical changes in recent years.

The same principle applies to public lighting and smart cities: CRIET’s scientific publications now have additional support in identifying companies active in the production and distribution of technologies used in this field.

We believe that the possibility of exploiting Explore and its algorithms to analyse every industry represents a valid ally for academic research in the fields of economics and management, helping centres like CRIET in its mission to study the great challenges of our time and the solutions to address them.

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