Last Friday, our company participated at Chiedi&Investi on the page of 200Crowd.

On that occasion, our CEO Andrea Gilberti, explained how our startup is an important help for SMEs that usually waste time and energy with traditional tools, without getting great results.

Our equity-crowdfunding campaign reached its minimum target of €300,000 in a short time and so Andrea decided to participate in the 200Crowd Chiedi&Investi to better explain to users and investors the value that Matchplat brings to the business world.

startup che aiuta le PMI/startup that helps SMEs

How does Matchplat work?

The user experience is very simple: all you have to do is register and write your needs anonymously on the platform: you fill in a guided path where the company requirement is described in detail and the market of reference is reported.

Matchplat now operates in 196 countries with a database of more than 300 million companies.

The added value of Matchplat is to find the right company for the customer, not based on the critical mass of the platform, but on a matchmaking based on databases that present companies classified by industrial sector. However, the industry is often outdated or wrong, so Matchplat starts from this database but reclassifies and analyzes the company based on its online content.

All available companies are then skimmed and the platform only connects customers with companies that are really interested in sharing the business.

Matchplat also comes at a historic time for the business world: companies are made up of people, who in the last decade have become accustomed to creating personal relationships on web platforms, while the business world has lagged behind, remaining linked to time-consuming activities, but also capital-consuming, such as fairs, personal meetings and business trips.

But now also in B2B we feel the need to link these two aspects, the ease of web platforms with the human relationship: so Matchplat becomes the meeting between these two vital aspects of today’s business world.

Watch the replica of our Chiedi&Investi at this link.