Andrea Gilberti, CEO and CO-founder of Matchplat, talks about how the idea became reality and how over the years the product has become what it is today.

Matchplat is the Italian Startup that supports companies in their search for distributors, suppliers, customers and long-term partners, through a digital platform and a team of young managers.

The idea was born in 2015 from some problems encountered in Andrea’s business career: trade fairs, travel and personal knowledge could not bring the expected results.

For this reason, after research and market analysis, in 2017 Andrea decided to found Matchplat with his friends Elia and Yuri, to allow companies that have difficulty finding new partners, not to waste time and resources in low-focus investments.

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What is the strength of Matchplat? Matchplat aims to support companies in achieving focused growth. The combination of technologies and people in our team allows our company to offer a quality service that guarantees our customers only meetings with:

1) Companies in target with the opportunity; 2) Companies in good health for financial and legal credit situation; 3) Companies really interested in starting a business collaboration.

What are the characteristics of the market to which Matchplat turns? Matchplat is aimed at the entire B2B market, i.e. companies from all over the world. The most interesting potential market for Matchplat’s services is the world of SMEs, as they are the most likely to request external assistance to achieve their business goals quickly and without wasting resources. This market (the SME market) represents about 99% of the world’s active companies, more than 250 million companies.

What are the benefits of Matchplat? For a company that wants to grow quickly and in a focused way, the advantage of using Matchplat services is that it has at its side a team specialized in creating business relationships and an intuitive tool that allows you to get in touch with the right interlocutor with a simple click of the mouse. In this way, the benefits of the product are automatically transformed into benefits for the customer who can get the most out of it without committing time to research and saving significant amounts of money.

Matchplat therefore has the main purpose of connecting the business world through its platform, creating relationships of trust with its customers and guiding each company in the best choice for its business.