Internationalisation has always been one of the key features of Italian companies.

It is an authentic strong point that has made Made in Italy, in its many forms, a guarantee of quality known throughout the world.

But to be truly international, you need specific skills with which to best develop an export project.

From the selection of suitable markets for your product to the correct management of customs procedures, there are many aspects to take into consideration. Comprehensive managerial preparation in this field can make all the difference, but all too often companies do not know how to go about it.

In the same way, knowing a foreign market and the companies in it is not easy. Yet, having correct information about who you are dealing with is crucial to the success of an internationalisation strategy.

Matchplat and Tem Italia: market analysis for export management

Matchplat and Tem Italia: two complementary missions

Considering all this, at Matchplat we are proud to announce our partnership with Tem Italia.

Tem Italia is the largest community of Temporary Export Managers in Italy: a network of professionals at the disposal of companies, created to facilitate the matching between supply and demand of skills for growing abroad.

In Matchplat we have redefined market analysis, combining a database of 400 million companies in 196 countries with Artificial Intelligence algorithms to automate the profiling of suppliers, distributors, customers and industrial partners.

These two complementary missions have led to a collaboration that makes the work of Tem Italia’s specialists easier thanks to our Explore platform, while at the same time giving our customers the chance to take advantage of the services offered by the community’s managers.

The partnership was born spontaneously – says Matchplat’s CEO Andrea Gilberti – for all those customers who do not have staff dedicated to export. In these cases, it is natural for us to involve a TEM from the Tem Italia Community.

We are always looking for tools that facilitate the activities of our TEMs – echoes Micol Vezzoli, CEO of Tem Italia – and Matchplat allows us to reduce the time dedicated to the search for prospects to the benefit of more operational activities.

Market analysis: a strategic tool for export managers

We will tell these and other details about the partnership during the webinar on 26th January “Market analysis: a strategic tool for TEMs” where speakers will include:

  • Micol Vezzoli, Co-Founder of Tem Italia.
  • Andrea Gilberti, CEO and President of Matchplat.
  • Martina Monguzzi, Account Manager of Matchplat.
  • Sara Guarna, Temporary Export Manager.

It will be an opportunity to reflect on the advantages that AI-based market analysis offers for the planning of successful strategies abroad.

Registration to the event is open on Eventbrite to all professionals in the field of internationalisation.

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