If you are either the decision maker of your company or you are involved in international business within it, you may have wondered which are the best markets to invest in the next few months to expand your business.

The approach of companies to this question is often superficial and without an in-depth analysis at the basis. This probably ends up in a mistake that can cost dearly if luck does not assist you.

In order to help companies to deal with this fundamental issue, Matchplat has created a tailor-made service to identify the best geographical areas where to invest. Therefore, the aim is to identify, in the geographical reference area, the industrial poles for that specific sector or product.

poli industriali

How does the service work?

With the support of a dedicated consultant, the client identifies her target audience (e.g. food distributors) in a specific geographical area (a continent, a state, a region, etc.) in order to start the search.

Thanks to Matchplat’s databases andalgorithms, we will be able to identify all the companies in that sector or offering that specific product and insert them into geolocalized maps with aggregated information. The outcome provided, allows the customer to understand where the targeted companies (e.g. food distributors) are highly concentrated in that area, thus identifying the industrial hubs.

Which markets can be analyzed with the Overview service?

Matchplat services are all based on a database of 280 million companies in 196 countries and for this reason also the Overview service has no limits and can be used to analyze any market in the world.

In light of the above, the Overview service provides a very precise overview of the reference market and allows every company to identify industrial poles through geolocalized maps, thus obtaining a specific outline of the reference market.