From Matchplat‘s experience in B2B intermediation based on Big Data and ITACA‘s deep knowledge of the North American market, a new partnership dedicated to Italian companies decided to expand their business abroad was born.

North American market

Anyone who knows Matchplat is aware of how, since its foundation, the company has supported Italian and foreign companies in the creation of new business relationships: the privileged tool has always been cutting-edge technology, able to bring advanced analysis processes to SMEs for the search of new customers, suppliers, distributors and partners.

Alongside Artificial Intelligence algorithms able to scan databases from which up-to-date information can be obtained, another fundamental element for reaching foreign markets is the right knowledge of the customs and traditions of the country in question.

Here comes into play the skills of ITACA, a Toronto-based company that has always been familiar with the North American market and its dynamics.

During its ten years of experience, the company has actively supported numerous companies in the development of new business relationships in the United States and Canada: through a targeted consulting service, the company has long collaborated with companies and institutions in many sectors, including food processing and packaging, technology for agriculture, ventilation & air distribution.

There are many reasons why Made in Italy representatives should consider North America as an attractive area for their investments. While historically the United States has always been a key trading partner – the third most important for our country – Canada also deserves special attention.

There are many reasons for this statement. Here are some of them:

  • The official launch in 2017 of the CETA (Comprehensive and Economic and Trade Agreement): it is the treaty signed by the European Union and the Canadian government that establishes free trade between the two areas, reducing 98% of customs duties in force up to that moment and also opening up to the public procurement market. According to estimates, the agreement would have led to a 6% increase in exports to Canada in the first five months of 2019, marking an important competitive advantage for European companies.
  • A huge territory (over 9 million square kilometres), and two thirds of the 37 million inhabitants concentrated in the area known as the Windsor – Québec City corridor.
  • Toronto’s rapid growth: with $28.3 billion invested in more than 5,000 infrastructure projects, an average of 000 immigrants a year and just a few hours’ flight from major cities such as New York, Chicago and Boston, the city is the nation’s true economic heart. Its proximity to the United States is certainly a great advantage, especially when you think of the daily commercial exchange between the two countries: over 966 million dollars.
  • The remarkable development of strategic sectors such as automotive and aerospace research, which contribute 38% and 19% of GDP

These data help to understand how Canada can represent an ideal destination for Italian products and services: there are numerous sectoral opportunities, and they are favoured by international regulations such as CETA, which since its entry into force has positively contributed to a strengthening of trade between areas.

Therefore, if on the one hand it is now more convenient to offer one’s products on the Canadian market, on the other hand it is not immediate to identify the ideal partners and the most suitable channels for this purpose: this is where Matchplat and ITACA’s skills come into play, together to help Italian entrepreneurs take advantage of all the opportunities offered by this huge territory.

The combination of Big Data analysis and knowledge of the local socio-economic fabric translates into new business prospects, especially for SMEs, which usually lack the commercial strength to enter foreign markets.

Whether it is the search for new suppliers, customers and distributors, or the direct contact of the latter in order to assess the interest in establishing new partnerships, the professional skills of the two realities are ready to come together to develop customized solutions based on the needs of each reality determined to enter the North American market in the best way.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us to find out all the details about our services, or contact ITACA to start getting to know the Canadian and US markets