In September, the Matchplat General Meeting was held.

Four years after the foundation of the company, we had the opportunity to meet in person after a complex period full of challenges but also of new stimuli.

2021 has been a year of enormous change for us, involving not only our technologies, but also the people who contribute to the growth of the project every day.

Matchplat General Meeting 2021

The main goal of this time has always been the same: to make market analysis an accessible tool for all companies, helping them to change the way they operate.

In an economy such as Italy’s, we believe it is essential to make new strategic solutions available to SMEs, supporting their development in the markets most suited to their needs.

We have worked steadily in this direction, creating a platform dedicated to the B2B market with which to quickly identify customers, distributors and suppliers from a database of 400 million companies in 196 countries.

As we said during our meeting, we continue to invest in this field in order to offer companies an increasingly reliable, precise and complete tool, capable of automating the production of a market analysis.

But expanding in the domestic market and improving technologies were not our only priorities: in 2021, we started an internationalisation process in Germany and the UK.

We have focused on two markets that are essential not only because of their size, but also in light of an economic scenario that has changed radically compared to a year ago.

We all know how the major global value chains have been disrupted over the past months: production shutdowns, delays in order deliveries and shortages of raw materials have become the order of the day. Trade fairs and industry events have come to a standstill, bringing more and more companies closer to using digital solutions – a trend that is now set to continue, even now that travel and physical meetings have resumed.

The new technologies have indeed demonstrated their full potential in numerous fields of application, including for B2B companies: from market research to increasing sales, from analysing competitors to finding new business partners.

All activities for which we have chosen to provide support through solutions that are truly within the reach of every company: we were able to emphasise this once again during our meeting, celebrating the goal of 200 customers reached this year.

A result made possible by the people who have chosen to join us, putting different skills at the service of Matchplat.

We are convinced that only growth in terms of knowledge and skills can allow a company to stand out, reaching new milestones every day. It is with this in mind that we now have Account Managers in the UK and Germany to help us take advantage of the many opportunities in these markets.

The Matchplat General Meeting 2021 was an opportunity to meet them in person as part of a wider week of training and events: important moments to get to know each other better and be aligned on the next goals.

In a dynamic competitive scenario – inside and outside Italy – we know how much companies require increasingly efficient means to manage their processes. And it is with this awareness that we look forward to the coming months, determined to make market analysis within the reach of every business.

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