As you probably already know, Matchplat has been operating in the commercial information business for several years with the aim of helping companies to better structure their marketing and supply processes.

Our company’s core business revolves around the Exploreservice, which represents our workhorse and the most suitable service for companies operating in market niches, addressing a specific target.

I vantaggi di Matchplat Explore

What is the service for?

Matchplat Explore service is based on a database of 280 million companies in 196 countries worldwide and allows companies to identify customers, suppliers and distributors in a specific target market. Each company that signs up for Explore service is assigned a dedicated analyst whose aim is to understand the customer’s needs, mapping the market and providing a list containing 100% of the active companies in that country.

Unlike the companies’ lists provided online, the Explore service does not require any screening by the customer. Matchplat’s analyst, indeed, provides the clientwith a list containing all the companies in that market and only those that best suit the customer’s needs.

For example: If you are a company whose business is the production of linen fabrics and you are seeking distributors with specific characteristics in a new market, you can use the Matchplat Explore service to identify 100% of the companies involved in the distribution of linen fabrics in that market.

Which are the most suitable companies for this service?

The Explore service is appropriate for all those companies that are looking for commercial contacts with a very specific target. In fact it can be used for the searching of new customers, distributors, suppliers and partners in the B2B market.

How to use the service?

Explore is a user-friendly service as it does not require any specific skills in the world of software. The customer is supported by a dedicated analyst who offers support in identifying the need and she is responsible for the identification of every aspect required to start theproject.

The Explore service therefore provides a very precise overview of the reference market and allows the company that receives the list to make strategic choices based on clear and updated market information.