In the last months, the growth of Matchplat has reached +193% on the revenue.

Now it comes the moment to make the difference and we are ready to make a leap in quality.

For this reason, we decided to start an equity crowdfunding campaign in order to collect new capital to invest in the creation of new technologies for the development of our services.

In the last weeks, we subscribed an agreement with the company 200Crowd.

The goal of the collaboration is to collect a minimum of 300K€ until a maximum of 600K€. It is possible to invest from 200Crowd platform from Monday, September 23rd.

With this capital, our company has decided different investment in the next 18 months:

1) The creation of a proprietary database in order to make the company completely independent from suppliers and to create a proprietary database that is unique in the market, which will allow the automation of matching processes from 50% (current situation) to 90% (in the next 9 months);

2) The development of foreign markets, with the entry in Europe first, and then in the US and Asia Pacific in the next 2 years and the opening of 3 commercial offices on the spot;

3) The consolidation of the company and its main operations in the Italian HQ, with the hiring of new personnel in all company’s departments.

Are you an investors looking for a new challenging interesting adventure to finance?

Join the Matchplat team as an investor, and find out new business horizons!