Since its foundation, Matchplat has operated in the B2B market to offer companies solutions capable of optimizing their strategic activities, supporting them in achieving their objectives through cutting-edge services.

Connect is one of the many tools available to organizations to grow in their markets of interest, establishing new business relationships.

il servizio Connect di Matchplat

What’s the service for and how does it work?

Whether suppliers, distributors or new customers, one of the biggest challenges, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises, is the selection and contact of new business partners.

The reason? Getting the right information and establishing a relationship with the most appropriate counterparty is a long and demanding operation: Matchplat’s Connect service aims to solve this problem, through professional advice that allows every reality to easily find other companies interested in signing new business agreements.

Thanks to a dedicated platform with intuitive use, customers can publish their request anonymously, specifying the sector of reference, their objectives and the type of partner sought. After receiving the request and identifying the starting database, the dedicated consultant takes care of direct contact with the target companies.

An example? Imagine you are a dairy producer eager to distribute your product in Northern Europe, perhaps Sweden. Thanks to the Connect service, Matchplat’s dedicated consultant will support the customer in publishing their needs on the platform and contact all the companies on the list provided (obtained through Matchplat’s Explore service or sent directly by the customer), in order to generate interest in the companies and put them in direct contact with our customer.

Thanks to a service of e-mail and outbound calls, the dedicated figures of our team will evaluate the interest of potential interlocutors and provide a daily report on the progress of the activity, visible within the platform in the “Insights” section.

The outcome? Each customer will only be able to receive contact requests from companies that are really determined to get to know him: in this way it will be possible to obtain market feedback on their product or service and at the same time to establish new business relationships.

Who is the Connect service for?

Connect is designed for all companies that want to invest in a particular market, but do not have the commercial strength to attack it on their own. Through personalized consultancy it is possible to obtain qualified contacts from potential partners, outsourcing business development and breaking down all language barriers thanks to the skills of our team members in an international environment.

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