Matchplat and Apindustria annunced the creation of a strategic partnership, in order to support Apindustria’s members to create business relations.

Thanks to this partnership, Matchplat platform will become the reference tool for Apindustria’s members, supporting them to find new business relationships with all the members registred on Apindustria network. At the same time, Apindustria will offer all members Matchplat’s services, with the aim of helping them to find new business relations.

“I am thrilled to start the collaboration with Apindustria” said Andrea Gilberti (Matchplat Founder & CEO). “Apindustria is the landmark of Brescian companies and with their support, we can bring value to all the members of their association”.

The partnership with Apindustria provides a private network for all the interested members and a discount of 16% for the purchase of Matchplat’s Connect service.

In this way, Apindustria’s members will be able grow their brand awareness with lower costs, expert support and innovative technologies provided by Matchplat.

About Matchplat

Matchplat is an Italian B2B society that creates relations between qualified companies. The relations generated by Matchplat can be of various kinds, from the search for a new supplier, to the search for distributors, collaborators and customers. The needs of the companies are expressed within a digital platform powered by proprietary technologies and artificial intelligence algorithms. Once the need is clarified, Matchplat identifies the right company for every need expressed by the customers and puts them in contact with interested companies able to satisfy them.

About Apindustria

Apindustria Brescia is the association of entrepreneurs that represents local SMEs with the aim of assisting and protecting the moral, trade union and economic interests of the registered companies. Apindustria offers consulting and services to member companies being aware of the problems and needs of companies. The association is constantly growing and the services offered to its members, managed by experienced, reliable and available professionals, are constantly evolving.