Matchplat srl and TEM Italia srl announced that they have create an agreement to form a strategic partnership, in order to support SMEs in the internationalization process.

Thanks to this partnership, Matchplat will become the reference figure for TEM Italia customers, helping them to find new business relationships through its network of 250 million companies. TEM Italia will become the reference figure for companies that have found new business relationships through Matchplat and want the help of experienced professionals capable of supporting them in the internationalization process.

“I am very happy to start working with TEM Italia as we continue to strengthen our company and expand services on the platform,” said Andrea Gilberti (Matchplat Founder & CEO) after signing. “TEM Italia will offer high quality services to companies that use our platform and often need to upgrade their structure.”

This partnership with TEM Italia will further strengthen the value that Matchplat will offer to registered and unregistered SMEs, entrusting them (if they need) in the hands of experienced Temporary Export Managers who can support them in managing the internationalization process.

In this way, SMEs will be able to quickly grow their networks while benefiting from lower costs, expert support and cutting-edge technologies.

Moreover, both companies will suggest the services of the partner, with the aim of facing the market together and offering a complete experience to its customers who need more support.

About Matchplat

Matchplat is an Italian B2B intermediation society that creates relations between qualified companies. The relations generated by Matchplat can be of various kinds, from the search for a new supplier, to the search for distributors, collaborators and customers. The needs of the companies are expressed within a digital platform powered by proprietary technologies and artificial intelligence algorithms. Once the need is clarified, Matchplat identifies the right company for every need expressed by its customers and puts them in contact only with interested companies able to satisfy them.

About TEM Italia

TEM Italia is an Italian company that offers export support at all stages: for companies who want to start selling abroad, for those who need time and resources to find new opportunities on the markets and for those seeking skills and experience to manage and increase exports.

In order to solve these needs, the company can hire an Export Manager or outsource this figure, and find a Temporary Export Manager (TEM).

TEM Italia, thanks to the largest independent Temporary Export Manager network in Italy, provides the company with the support and the best professionals for every specific need, in any sector.