Matchplat srl and Altoga srl initiated a collaboration with the aim to promote Matchplat’s services to the members of Altoga.

Thanks to this partnership, Matchplat will offer support to the companies registered in Altoga’s association helping them to find new business relationships through its network of 250 milion companies. Altoga will have the opportunity to offer to its subscribers the Matchplat’s services, in order to support them to find the right partners to collaborate with.

The collaboration also includes an information event on June 18th, where Matchplat manager will present the services to different companies, providing all the details and responding to any doubts and/or questions.

“The event in June is the best way to start the new collaborative adventure with Altoga” said Andrea Gilberti (Matchplat Founder & CEO). “I am sure that discovering a service like Matchplat will be very interesting for everyone attending the event.”

About Matchplat

Matchplat is an Italian company whose aim is to create relations and connections between companies. The relations generated by Matchplat can be of different types, from the search for a new supplier, to the search for distributors, collaborators and customers. The needs of the companies are expressed in our digital platform powered by proprietary technologies and artificial intelligence algorithms. Once the need is clarified, Matchplat identifies the right company for every need and puts them in contact only with interested companies able to satisfy them.

About Altoga

Altoga is the National Association for Roasters,Coffee Importers and Food Wholesalers. It represents the most important Italian roasting companies and qualified companies in the wholesale food sector. It is the meeting point for companies that, despite their different dimensions, recognize themselves equal in sharing values, behaviors and responsibilities. Moreover, it is able to guarantee a constant and effective connection between the registered companies, representing their interests and playing an institutional role in protecting their members.