The Cotton Industry is at the basis of the production of many textile firms and it includes million active companies worldwide.

The processing of cotton is the key point for the production of different types of products, from the ones we find every day at the shopping malls, to those online in the marketplace. For this reason, we can define it as the starting point for mostly activities in the textile and apparel industry.


From the graphic above we can see the top 10 countries for number of active companies in the cotton market. This data is very interesting, especially if we linger on the first 6 countries, which exceed one million active companies.

In the first position, we find China with about 1,481,000 active companies ,with a detachment of 250,000 companies from the second one.

In second and third place, spaced out by just over 35,000 companies, we find France and Italy with about 1,200,000 and 1,165,000 companies respectively.

Italy, however, can boast other interesting numbers in this market. As a matter of fact, we are the third country worldwide for import and export of cotton with values over 600,000,000 dollars.

After examining and analyzing the data above, our the suggestion for companies interfacing with the Cotton Market, is to search for strategic supply partners in the largest markets in order to reduce costs thanks to the presence of many alternatives.