As outlined in our January article, in the US there are about 54 million companies.

In that piece, we have seen the sector segmentation of the US market, but which are the best areas to invest in?

According to different studies, here the three main sectors where it is convenient to invest:

  1. Energy and Renewable Resources:
    In the United States this sector is one of the most active and advanced worldwide.
    US production in this sector includes petroleum, natural gas, coal, nuclear energy, renewable energy, fuels and electricity. From the annual report of EIA, the United States will become the major exporter of energy by 2020, and they will continue to be so until 2050. It is also expected a growth from natural gas which will increase from 34% to 39%, and electricity from renewable sources which will increase from 18% to 31%. This growth will create new business opportunities, mostly for companies of oil and gas exploration and production, services related to oil fields, improvements in the energy supply chain, biomass development, solar and tidal energy and clean coal technologies;
  2. Automotive:
    This sector is one of the biggest market of the world. With around 17 millions of unit sold in a year, the United States are the second global market for sales and production of vehicles. This industry has also an open attitude to innovation and the US are investing in new technologies, in order to achieve the goals of efficiency in fuel consumption set for the 21st century. Consequently, there will be new business opportunities, new technologies for materials and machinery will be required and companies able to offer this kind of products and services will be demanded.
  3. IT and Telecommunications:
    The sector of software services and information technology in the US is the most developed worldwide. Companies from this area are software’s world leader and they are competitive in all the other market segments. According to investigations of the International Data Corporation, the interest of US companies is rapidly growing to collaborations instruments, cloud computing and mobile applications. This means strong growth in creation of new business opportunities, mostly in sectors like M2M Machine-to-machine communications, robotics, analysis (Big data), business software, mobile applications and cyber security.

If you define your company as ambitious and you believe you have the skills to develop any of the mentioned business, I advise you to investigate further in these three sectors, in order to draw new important business opportunities.

The studies above reported are developed by ICE New York in collaboration with different local societies.