30In the past months, many companies have been forced to stop their production and their operations due to restrictive measures implemented by the governments.

In recent days, however, more states are easing restrictions and, as several countries are reopening from coronavirus shutdown, many companies are preparing to reopen their doors.

Come riaprire la propria attività nel modo giusto

With the reopening of the companies there will be many activities to be carried out and it will therefore be necessary to implement an orderly strategy to achieve the set objectives. For this reason, we recommend some activities that will help you not to get caught unprepared on the day of reopening:

1) Analyze your suppliers and distributors: The temporary closure of the company may have put some of your suppliers and/or distributors in trouble. To avoid problems with your supply chain, it is important to conduct specific analysis of your partners in order to identify those that appeared to be in difficulty and act accordingly.

2) Prepare a structured plan with the activities that need to be carried out: Organizing your work is the best way to start a business, both commercial or private. Creating a document or planning activities with dedicated software allows you to identify priority, secondary and less important activities. In this way you can help colleagues in your area or your employees to be immediately aligned and operational.

3) Review your quarterly and half-year targets: Like any company, yours will have made a prediction of this year’s goals. Up to now, if your company has been closed due to restrictive measures, you will hardly find yourself aligned with the estimated objectives for the current year, indeed you will almost certainly have reached much lower numbers. Thus, it is necessary to make a new forecast considering all aspects of the market in order to estimate new targets for the next 3 and 6 months.

4) Make an update meeting: Restarting with a meeting is the right way to keep your team members up-to-date. Explain the goals you have achieved and those to be achieved, the new projects, the ideas that have come to you and how to implement them, the priority activities and anything else you think, could be useful for your colleagues or employees.

Considering the above, restarting your business with the right strategy is the best way to guarantee your company a successful second half of 2020. For this reason, it is very important to implement the right solutions as suggested in our post, in order not to be caught unprepared.