The outbreak of coronavirus has led a huge increase in smart working across the world.

Working from home is certainly a great way to do business and carry out the working performance. Thus, as it is un uncommon situation, not all companies have had the opportunity to organize all aspects of home-office. New problems may arise and an example is that sometimes the employees they are not up to date with what is going on in the company.

Being updated on the development of new products or activities carried out in the other areas of the company is fundamental and for this reason even in this unusual smart working period it is necessary to stay in touch.

Smart working era

To help your company keep the team members up to date, we suggest you some activities that you could implement in a short time period:

1) Short update meeting: Organizing one update meeting per week is very important and may be ideal to keep all team members up to date. You don’t need to arrange an in-depth appointment of hours, just a well-scheduled 30-minutes meeting to make the point of the situation.

2) Creating a weekly newsletter: Company newsletters are very important to keep people in the company up to date, especially if we talk about a large business with many departments. Unlike the long and detailed meetings, in the newsletter you can only mention the most important points of the week or the most significant data/projects implemented in every sector.

3) Posting social updates: The goal of every company within social media is certainly to bring value to her followers who, especially in this period, are very active. Each of your followers certainly knows when you publish your posts and for this reason it is important not to change your editorial calendar, but instead to add a new biweekly publication where you share your results.

In light of the above, upgrading your company’s team in this home-office era is very important. For this reason we do believe it is fundamental to invest now a few hours to organize update meetings, rather than long general meetings at the end of the restriction period.