In the B2B world most companies are interested in finding new customers, trying to structure a large sales department with the aim of increasing their turnover.

Having a good sales network is important but still not enough. To improve the quality of your sales department, it is fundamental to have a structured funnel that guarantees you an excellent image and makes it clear from the early stages of a contact with a potential client that your business is structured and well organized.


I am pretty sure many of you already have a plan for lead involvement, but if you’re dealing with the online business or just want to increase your conversion rate, it’s important to improve constantly.

For this reason, below you can find a very simple but efficient funnel to increase your conversions:

1) Attraction: The first step to include a lead inside your sales funnel is the attraction to your product. Developing this activity may seem trivial, but it requires excellent skills to communicate your brand’s values by providing the user with important information they are not aware of.

2) Engagement: After you raised interest in your brand thanks to the information provided, it is now time for the potential customer to take the first step. At this stage it is very important to provide the user with a free product (e.g. a document with useful information may be interesting and not expensive) in return for her email and/or phone number.

3) Conversion: Once you obtained the details of your potential customer, the next step is the direct contact. Tuning with the lead is very important as it allows you to start a negotiation. For this reason, what we suggest you is a very transparent and precise approach to convert it.

4) Sales and Reference: Once the negotiation took place and the quotation made, it’s up to the customer to make his evaluations and decide whether to buy or not. When the decision is made and the customer makes the purchase, it is important to ask for a reference, be it a review on your site or social page or a contact potentially interested in our business, in order to get a hot contact to be included in our funnel.

In light of the above, every funnel requires a custom-made approach depending on the interlocutor you want to reach and to connect with. For this reason, it is fundamental to identify the target and make an in-depth analysis before starting every new process.