Matchplat does not replace traditional trade fairs or events but rather supports every participating company by helping them to organize targeted appointments through the Connect Platform.

Trade fairs offer the opportunity to find new potential contacts, customers, suppliers and distributors, but they do not always bring the expected results. As a matter of fact, many times the return on investment at the fair is not as successful as expected and there is the risk of having invested time and resources the wrong way.

In order to support companies in this research, Matchplat digital solutions can identify the right partners for the customer’s business needs before the trade show, setting up targeted appointments with target, healthy companies and companies interested in the type of collaboration.

partecipare alle fiere/to participate to trade fairs

To better understand the importance of Matchplat collaborative approach to trade shows, we have created a list of factors to take into consideration.

Why do companies attend trade shows?

Some companies attend trade shows to find new customers or employees.

Using Matchplat services, you can identify your new partners through a global network and meet them at a trade show. This helps companies saving valuable time at the show.

Some other companies regularly convert trade show contacts and conversations into customers.

Using Matchplat solutions will only match the right opportunities for your business, increasing your ROI on trade show attendance.

Why don’t companies attend trade shows?

Some companies do not attend trade shows because of the cost of participation.

By using Matchplat, you can significantly reduce this cost. This result is achieved by publishing the needs for the fair on our platform, getting meeting requests only from really interested participants.

Others do not join trade fairs because it is difficult to find the right partners at there.

Using Matchplat, you know if a company potentially interested in your business will attend the fair. This is because the Matchplat team takes care of contacting each company among those present to verify the interest, putting in contact with the customer only those really interested.

Some others do not participate in trade fairs because they feel obscured by more famous brands.

All requirements on Matchplat are anonymous so that all companies are at the same level and have a democratic service.

The purpose of Matchplat is therefore to make every activity that companies carry out more efficient, supporting them in a strategic relationship with the aim of growing together.