As often happens during low work intensity times, the long quarantine forced our team to develop new concepts and services with the aim of bringing value to our customers of today and tomorrow.

With the support of TEM Italia’s team, we decided to consolidate the relationship between the parties and create a collaborative service that helps companies to develop their business abroad.

TEM Italia is an innovative Startup headquartered in Brescia, whose goal is to connect companies with Temporary Export Managers from all over the world. Until now the company has connections with hundreds of TEM in Italy and abroad, who have many years of experience in different industrial sectors.

partnership con TEM Italia

As we have already explained, Go To Market was born from the union of the 2 core services of Matchplat and TEM Italia, with the aim of supporting companies to develop their business abroad.

Development of the collaboration:

The implementation of the activity is divided into 2 steps, one developed by Matchplat and one by TEM Italia:

1) Target Identification and Market Mapping: With the support of Matchplat’s analysts, the first step is to identify the target of the research with the client. Secondly, we carry out a mapping of the reference market to identify the best market niche according to the customer’s needs.

2) Business Development and New Relationship Creation: Once the mapping containing all the targeting companies has been defined, TEM Italia assigns to the customer a Temporary Export Manager with experience in that specific sector and market. The Temporary Export Manager is in charge of the the business development activity, the negotiation with the companies and the creation of new business relationships.

The advantages of the service:

The advantages of the Go To Market service are mainly 2:

1) We cover 100% of the Market: The mapping carried out by Matchplat allows the customer to identify 100% of the companies in the reference market. The advantage of the mapping lies in the fact that the customer receives a list containing only those businesses that are in target in that market, avoiding a further selection on the list.

2) No Linguistic and Cultural Barriers: The support of TEM Italia and Temporary Export Managers dedicated to that sector and who knows the market, guarantee the customer an extra step forward. The many years of experience of a Temporary Export Manager also allows the customer to manage the negotiations without any cultural or linguistic problems, avoiding misunderstandings between the parties.

In light of the above, the Go To Market service allows companies to interact with new markets, starting from a database of companies completely in target and arriving to the negotiation carried out by the TEM.
This allows the customer to focus on other activities, by outsourcing, or enhancing, the management of sales in foreign markets mapped by MP.

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