Italian packaging machines are globally recognised for their excellence.

This is recounted by data from UCIMA, which brings together companies in the sector and promotes their activities, in Italy and abroad. With almost 8 billion in turnover, the sector has experienced a slowdown compared to 2019, nevertheless achieving great goals.

This is demonstrated by the growth of 21% in the first half of 2021 compared to the same period last year: a rise driven by the domestic market (+31.2%), but where exports also played a decisive role.

Cross-border sales grew by over 19%, reflecting the international vocation that has always distinguished companies in the sector.

What are the drivers of this success? How and where can the excellent results of recent months be consolidated?

Macchine per il packaging/Italian packaging machinery 1

Italian packaging machinery: strong points

With more than 600 active companies, Italian packaging machines has been able to achieve a position of real leadership, competing with German companies for international supremacy.

Suffice it to say that more than 50% of the machines sold in the world come from Italy or Germany: Made in Italy goods have always stood out for certain strong points. Which ones? Here is a brief list.

  • The high innovation rate of the solutions: a guarantee in terms of quality and efficiency;
  • the enormous possibilities in terms of product customisation, capable of adapting to the needs of each company;
  • the variety of machinery and equipment on offer, making the Italian market a single point of contact for many sectors: food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and more.

Thanks to the combination of these elements, the companies have been able to satisfy a growing demand, presenting themselves as a strategic partner for the rest of the manufacturing world.

Within the latter, the agro-food industry is the first counterpart, as UCIMA’s figures once again reveal: more than 58% of production is absorbed by food & beverage companies, closely followed by pharmaceuticals (17.4%) and cosmetics, which last year generated revenues of more than 348.7 million euros.

But in which areas of the world can companies aim to grow? Looking at foreign markets is always a good answer.

Doing better and better: the countries to focus on

The European Union remains the main destination market for exports, accounting for 41% of turnover. Asia comes second (19.4%) while North America is third, the only market to grow in 2020. This is why continuing to invest in areas such as the United States and Canada could be an excellent choice for companies in the sector.

South America also offers interesting prospects, since it currently accounts for less than 10% of companies’ turnover. It is here that an important future challenge for packaging machinery will be played out.

Countries such as Peru have developed investment plans to modernise their agri-food industry, with consequent opportunities for manufacturers of systems and equipment used in this field.

Another area where there are margins for growth is undoubtedly Oceania, with economies like Australia representing an ideal destination for Italian exports, thanks above all to the considerable development of the food & beverage industry. A favourable situation for bottling and meat processing machines, which could find new spaces in the country.

In a context in which the economic forecasts tell of a strong recovery, it is necessary to look around in order to take advantage of what the market has to offer: a mission that for the packaging machinery sector can be carried out successfully. On their side, the companies have not only the quality of their products, but also an excellent reputation throughout the world.

This is an essential asset in which to continue to invest and which will certainly contribute to the new successes of an industry that has always been able to distinguish itself.

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