How is beverage industry reacting to the current economic situation?

Il settore beverage nel 2020

The year 2020 has undoubtedly changed the habits of many of us: bars, restaurants and pubs have suffered an unprecedented paralysis, eliminating the opportunities for consumption that have always characterized these spaces.

If on the one hand it is true that the large-scale retail trade has continued to work at full capacity, making it possible to maintain a high level of domestic consumption, on the other hand it is undeniable how the closure of the main meeting places has had a strong impact on the beverage industry.

Beverage producers – alcoholic and non-alcoholic – had to face an unforeseen scenario with heavy consequences for companies’ turnover in Italy: a 28% drop in June this year, as shown by the data on wholesale trade of CDA (Consorzio Distributori Alimentari).

In fact, the opportunities for conviviality that have always accompanied the consumption of wine, beer, spirits have disappeared: the reduced capacity of the premises, limited hours and a drop in the number of tourists have inevitably contributed to this result.

In addition, the social distancing measures have had repercussions on all trade fairs in the sector, currently postponed until next year (as in the case of Vinexpo Paris and Wine Paris).

The effects of this situation?

Certainly a drop in sales and difficulties in establishing new business relationships.

However, new strategic approaches are also emerging from the scenario.

In fact, now more than ever before, managers and entrepreneurs are called upon to adopt new approaches to seize valuable opportunities: the beverage industry is no exception from this point of view.

The beverage world has shown great resilience, for example by finding valuable support in online sales channels.

However, e-commerce is only part of a larger picture.

The change of pace must also concern the strategies with which companies in the sector manage their presence in the international market.

Davide Zanette, Montelvini‘s Export Manager, recently told us about this: a company that has made Prosecco Asolo DOCG the heart of its production for five generations.

At this link you can find all the details of his interview.

It is therefore becoming increasingly important to know where to invest and with whom to talk to: a goal made possible by market analyses based on correct and up-to-date data.

A look at the international picture reveals interesting opportunities, such as the growth of wine and sparkling wine consumption in the United States, or China‘s growing attention to Made in Italy, including wine production.

In a context that is still unclear, there remains a certainty: companies in the beverage sector will have to look carefully abroad, looking for the best areas in which to invest and the right partners within these.

Only in this way will it be possible to face the coming months, finding the necessary energy to continue to grow.

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