On Thursday March 28th, the Matchplat team attended the MECSPE Exhibition at Fiere di Parma. Our Team for Mecspe was composed by 8 members, divided into 4 groups.

Mecspe is an Italian exhibition for the manufacturing industry and this was the 18th edition. It took place in one shed of 120.000 sq.m., divided into 12 pavilions, with 2.300 exhibitors and around 53.000 visitors.

At the fair we met around 70 companies that were looking for new distribution channels, suppliers and new R&D collaborations.
Some companies were searching for new European partners thanks to projects financed by Horizon 2020.

The companies that we met, presented some products of the new generation of automation and some others that are part of their core business.

75% of the companies we met showed a strong interest in subscribing to our platform. Some companies invited us in their headquarter in order to have more information about our technologies and to implement them in their departments.
15% of the companies at the fair let us a positive feedback but asked more details in order to have more information about our service. The remaining 10% of the companies was not interested in our service because they already have an internal structure to find partners.

The automation sector is perfectly in target with the Matchplat solutions because involves many innovation projects and a strong interaction with the supply chain.

From this analysis we can assume that the automation industry gave us a positive feedback to our platform and services.

This was our first time at Mecspe exhibition and, in addition to the positive feedback, it gave us an important first-hand insight about the automation industry.

This show has a large number of visitors and exhibitors, for this reason, services such as Matchplat can support the exhibitors to increase visits to their stands, through a targeted matchmaking activity during the 8 weeks pre-show. Accordingly, in the next months, we will open the division “Matchplat for Exhibitions”, to help companies to improve their investment’s efficiency in the exhibition’s stands.

3 companies of mechanical arms, sensors and actuators have already bought the subscription and they are looking for distributors in Italy, Belgium, Germany and China.

This data is in line with our market analysis and represents the early adopter of this sector.