Every day there are a lot of companies looking for a way to grow their business internationally.

Though, finding the right way to enter a new market is not always easy and betting on luck is not the right way to attack a market that we consider important for our business activities.

For this reason and in order to help you, below you can find the top 5 tips to make your international expansion a success:

1) Select the best areas for your product:
To get off to a good start, you need to start from the beginning. As you already know, in every area of the world there are some products more attractive than others: for this reason you need to find out which are the most attractive areas for your product. To do this, the first step is a market research with your internal competence or with the support of dedicated companies.

2) Segment the companies e know your customers:
The second activity that you have to do is to find all the potential companies that can become your customers. This research is very expensive in term of time and resources and may require dedicated figure inside your company team, for this reason we advise you to use dedicated services, in order to maximize your investments (time, money, people) and get a map of the whole market (that you wouldn’t get alone).

3) Set your commercial strategy:
Once your objective is set, the second step is to set the right commercial strategy. In the B2B world, if you want to make the difference you need the right commercial strategy in order to reach your goal in the shortest time possible. This is a hard point and differs from sector to sector, so what we recommend is to provide a complete view of your products and services. You can also keep active the relations with these potencial clients with marketing campaign (email, social post, etc.…) to increase your brand awareness.

4) Contact all the companies in target:
Once you received the list with all the companies of that area, you have to do a skimming operation, in order to select only the really in target companies. After this, you can start the calling activity, in order to explain all the datails of the products that you want to export. Our advice is to use terms and really targeted spikes, because your contacts don’t know anything about you and your activities. Keep in mind that is preferable to use the language of those country, because there are many companies that don’t speak your language and that don’t speak English.

5) Meet all the interested companies:
Confidence is one of the most important point in order to develop a long-term relation.
Even if you have been persuasive during the calls, it will never be enough to close the negotiations, unless you are a big brand with high reputation and many references.
For this reason, if you mean that the lead is really interested and there is a good chance to start the collaboration, you’d better propose a face-to-face meeting, thus closing the negotiations.

By explaining every aspect of your products to targeted companies and by setting your strategies with structured processes like the one above, you will have greater chances of making your international expansion a success.

Matchplat offers services that support companies that want to go global and expand their business internationally.