2020 has just begun but if you are a manager or an entrepreneur, you are already thinking about the way to maintain or increase your company’s growth.

In the business world, the success of companies and entrepreneurs is measured by their ability to reach the objectives and their ability to grow their turnover constantly.

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There’s nothing new, everyone wants to increase the company’s turnover if it is possible. For this reason, it may be interesting for your company to evaluate the following 3 aspects, in order to grow up your business from the second quarter of 2020:

1) Find partners that help you to offer a complete solution: We believe that strategic partnerships are the best way to grow up every types of business. If you are a company (big or small), you can’t offer all the products that exist in your sector and therefore, you could look for complementary companies to yours (which offers products that you don’t produce) and propose to them a collaboration. For example, if you are a company that produces dried pasta and preserves but you don’t have fresh gnocchi among your products, you could look for a partner that produces them. In this way, if one of your current customers is interested, in addition to the products he already buys from you, gnocchi, you could provide him with a complete solution, in order to satisfy him and increase your revenues from the sale of third party products.

2) Set a marketing strategy: Nowadays it’s trivial, I know, but it’s not always taken for granted that a company exploits marketing as its strength. The first months of the year are often quieter and companies have more time to evaluate new product or service offerings. For this reason, we recommend that you create a very direct marketing strategy with a maximum duration of 1 month, in order to arouse the interest of companies in your offer and have more chances to close the negotiations within the second quarter.

3) Find the best countries to export your products: If you are an SME and have never thought about selling your products abroad, don’t worry, it’s never too late! If you already have a presence abroad, are you sure you are in the best market for your products? The best way to know is to do a market research to find out what are the best areas for the products you sell or want to sell. In this way, your company will know where to focus its investments and will have a better chance of success due to the increased demand for products like yours and those markets.

Starting the year in the best way is everyone’s goal and if you want to grow up your business right now, we recommend you to take these points into consideration, in order to achieve new results in the coming months.