In today’s business world, every business need a strong and recognized brand.

Business relationships are now based on the reliability of a brand. Thus, it is unlikely that a customer satisfied with your company’s service will turn to one of your competitors with a lesser-known brand.

A clear example is the online shopping.I’m sure once in a lifetime you found the product you’ve been looking for a long time at a very low price on little-known websites. And I’m pretty sure that, eventually, you decided to buy it at a higher price, from a retailer with a well-known brand. You’re not the only one because it’s something everyone has done at least once in their lives!

This underlines the importance of the brand awareness in every business.

So, in order to increase your sales by growing your brand awareness, below you can find 3 simple activities we suggest you to do:

1) Email marketing: Email marketing activities are very useful both to collect commercial leads and to make your brand known to potential customers and distributors. Using this tool to increase your brand awareness may be the right strategy. Still, you should keep in mind that your stakeholders don’t need to know every aspect of your company. It’s important then, to use short, concise and impactful texts.

2) Joining trade shows and events: Attending trade shows and events can be very useful to grow your brand awareness. Even if you join an exhibition as a visitor, there are many activities you can pursue before and during the fair (e.g. sending emails or letters to your target audience or leafleting throughout the event).

3) Create a social media campaign: The sponsored posts within social networks are a very important activity for the online growth of brand awareness. With a highly targeted research and by producing quality content for your audience you can make your company known quickly and economically.

In light of the above, growing your brand awareness is very important and for this reason we suggest you to focus on every single aspect of the activities you carry on, in order to increase the reputation of your company for your new potential customers.