Every day, all over the world, there are companies interested in satisfying other companies business needs.

Unlike 20 years ago, today’s business world is simplified thanks to instruments like Google, Linkedin, Facebook or Instagram. Notwithstanding it’s not always easy to find the right companies in a short period of time and without using the right strategies.

For these reasons, we defined 3 cases that show why it is convenient to use Matchplat to boost your research of targeted companies, with a minimum investment (in terms of time and money):

1) I’m looking for new distributors to expand my brand awarness in a new market.
Finding new distributors is really difficult if you are not already present in that country.
The research with digital instrument can bring some results but it takes time in terms of working hours and you don’t always find the right distributors for your needs.
With Matchplat support, you can bypass these limits and enter selected market in around 6 weeks, succeeding to meet the right distributors for your activity.

2) I’m looking for new partners to develop a complete solution for my clients.
Creating a strategic partnership with companies is the best way to expand the offer value to your clients, but you need to select the right company. In order to find the strategies to meet the right partner and to explain your idea of partnership, could take a lot of time. With Matchplat, you don’t need to structure a meeting strategies nor a business session to explain your partnership because it’s all managed by our algorithms and our internal team.

3) I’m looking for new suppliers to create a new product for my clients.
Finding new suppliers may seem easy but it doesn’t always work. Meeting those companies, able to develop the right product for your needs, could be difficult even using digital instrument.
With Matchplat support, you will be contacted from the right interested suppliers in around 4 weeks, thanks to our Matchmaking department who carried out specific research on the basis of your suppliers needs.

To sum up, if your company has specific needs, we can support you in your research, allowing your business to grow up in a short period and without any waste of resources.