In recent weeks, thanks to the collaboration between Stelva SA, Matchplat and BV4, a new service has been created with a Join Venture in the Lugano-Bergamo-Zurich area: Unlock.

The Unlock project was born from a market need of banks, investment funds and multinational companies and aims to support these realities in the research for innovative companies with which to create partnerships or acquisitions.

The services offered are based on: Stelva AG’s legal, tax and negotiation expertise, Matchplat’s databases and technologies and BV4’s startups ratings.

All this allows Unlock to realize very in target and highly professional projects.

The projects are divided into 4 different categories, with a service that is at the base of all:

1) White: It is the service at the base of Unlock and is composed of: Research, rating and due diligence of the selected companies.

2) Orange: It is one of the ancillary services of Unlock and is composed of: NDA and support in negotiations.

3) Black: It is one of Unlock’s ancillary services and is composed of: NDA, event format, event rules and invitation of the companies.

4) Gray: It’s one of Unlock’s accessory services and it deals with making our skills available to the customer’s needs, offering a personalized service.

For more information visit our dedicated website:

About partners:

Stelva SA is a professional firm that operates in Switzerland and internationally, allowing its clients access to specialist skills through experienced professionals in different sectors and jurisdictions (in particular with specific expertise in Switzerland and Italy) who work with the help of a dense network of collaborations and correspondents around the world.

Matchplat is a company based in Bergamo that offers solutions for marketing and supply in the B2B market. Matchplat’s customers are production, marketing and service companies that want to grow in a focused way both in Italy and abroad.

BV4 is a service company specialized in scouting, analysis and evaluation of start-ups for financial and strategic investors and startups themselves. So far, BV4 has analyzed over 12,000 startups of which over 3,000 have been evaluated.