“New year, new life” is what we say every year, hoping to do better than we did the previous year. This is not only about private life but also for the professional one.

Every entrepreneur’s hope is to close the year with a significant growth for his company with the expectation that the new year will bring further satisfaction.

It’s only December, it’s true, but I guess that if you’re an entrepreneur you’ve already thought about 2020 resolutions, whether your company has faced a period of crisis, or whether it has achieved an important growth during 2019.

nuovi propositi/new resolutions

For this reason and in order to help you and your company to start the 2020 in the best way, we created a list of 4 things that you need to be able to do if you want 2020 to be successful:

1) Set a new strategic partnership: To find a new partner is really important to your growth. Regardless of the type of business, a quality partner with the desire to face the new year at its best, can be an important help and can help you to increase your turnover very quickly;

2) Explore a new market: One of the most important goal is to leave the area where you are and try to enter a new market. Obviously, this must be done with the necessary precautions and by carrying out an in-depth analysis beforehand, avoiding wasting resources in unattractive markets and going straight to the best areas for your products;

3) Find a new distributor for your products: It is true, many companies do not sell through distributors, but they use an internal sales network or agents, but this does not mean that it is not time to do so. Having the support of a distributor who helps you sell your products is very important and does not affect the ordinary activities that your team carries out, it’s just a little extra help for your company;

4) Develop a new publishing calendar: In today’s business world, the social media are very important to attract new potential customers. For this way, we advise you to create a new publishing calendar adding new energy to your pages and giving your followers a new important thing to stay updated on your page.

Starting the new year in the best possible way is very important if your aim is to have an exponential growth during 2020. For this reason, thinking of some activities that you can perform right away could be the boost needed for a great start.