In the last weeks, Italy’s health care system groans under coronavirus.

Italy’s coronavirus lockdown forced many companies to close:this causes a serious economic loss for various business, especially in the North of the country. On the other hand, some companies are at the forefront of this emergency situation and had to triple their production.

The sectors mentioned above are basically those dealing with hygiene and healthbecause, due to the high demand of products, and they’re keep on doing their utmost to meet market’s needs.

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Many people may think that it can be a good thing to triple production due to high market demand. Still, there are some aspects that should not be underestimated, one of which is fundamental that is to say the suppliers issue.

Let’s take as an example a manufacturer of alcohol-based soaps and hand gels, some of the most requested products at the moment alongside with surgical masks.

This kind of company has different types of suppliers, those who provide the packaging to contain the products and those providing the bases or aromas for the creation of the finished product. But what happens if one of those supplier fails to meet the customer’s needs?

In these cases there is a risk of being unprepared and it is often difficult to find new suppliers last-minute, with all the necessary characteristics for your type of products.

To prevent this from happening, the advice we can give to companies in the health sector and any other structure facing this situation, is to create a backup suppliers database.

Those suppliers are companies with the same characteristics of the current ones that can be contacted if needed, that is to say in situation of high demand.

In this way, companies will be able to overcome this situation and face these periods of intense work without being unprepared and without supply problems.

In light of the above, we would like to inform you that, in order to help companies dealing with this problem, Matchplat has decided to carry out this type of research without having profit margins from the sales of these services. In this way we provide the list of “backup suppliers” at the production cost (cost incurred by our company to carry out the search).