Every company operating in Italy and abroad has to face a necessity: to obtain updated data related to its market.

Obtaining the information you need for your strategy requires you to cross-reference multiple sources, public and private, national and international. The time and costs to acquire what you are looking for can be extremely high, and out of reach of the smallest realities.

In addition, there is no guarantee that the information obtained is really up-to-date, and therefore able to reflect the current state of its sector.

From this point of view, import/export data are no exception: although they are essential, especially for anyone working closely with foreign countries, they are not immediately available.

The result is an obstacle to the development of your business: in a globalised economic scenario**, knowing where your product or service is required is a fundamental step for any company truly determined to conquer new markets.

For some time Matchplat has been using digital technologies to facilitate this process: Trend was created and developed to help companies understand where to focus their investments. Whatever country in the world you have in mind, this service allows you to understand the performance of a specific product or service in that geographic area.

By cross-referencing reliable data from official sources, Trend allows you to accurately identify the evolution of imports and exports of goods of interest to each company, regardless of its sector. Simply enter the name or customs code of the product and Matchplat’s software will take care of the rest, providing precise feedback and also allowing comparisons between countries at different times.

In this way, there is no need to spend time and money searching for data: Matchplat’s technology automates processes and combines with customized consulting to allow each company to identify the best opportunity within its market of interest.

You can start your Trend free trial by clicking this link 

Small and medium-sized companies could be among the first to benefit from the service: reducing the costs – monetary and time – related to the retrieval of reliable information is in fact only one of the fundamental steps for a more efficient internationalization of the business.

By providing a secure information base, Trend allows to optimize the investments of each reality: a targeted analysis, able to identify new markets in which to structure new strategies in line with its mission. Or alternatively, review existing ones and update them to be present in your areas of interest in an optimal way.