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Analyse international markets and identify specific industrial and distribution clusters

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How Overview works?

Overview is the solution for analysing international markets and identifying industrial and distribution clusters, where companies with the required characteristics are located.

Each client is supported during the development of the project in order to identify the most suitable markets for their business goals. UAfter selecting the countries in which to carry out the analysis, the characteristics of the companies and their industry, our Data Analysts proceed with the mapping of industrial and distribution centres from Matchplat’s global database.

Artificial Intelligence provides a constantly updated picture of the most promising markets, helping the company to focus its efforts in the right areas.

Overview id the ideal tool for mapping industrial clusters and business districts all over the world

What do you get?

Reports with geolocalised data for investment areas

Information on industrial and distribution clusters of interest

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Choose Enrich to obtain additional data on the decision makers or financial status of the companies you are interested in.

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Choose Connect to receive strategic information and feedback from key figures in selected companies about your offering

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