In today’s business, it is really difficult to find the right companies with which to develop a win-win relations, mostly if you are looking for new distributors in countries where your company’s presence is limited or you don’t have presence at all.

Every day a lot of companies worldwide look for new distributors in Europe, Asia, America, but the poor achievements from exhibitions, linguistic barriers and high costs, represent a problem if the companies are not structured for this focused research.

With Matchplat support your company will be able to do it without the need of an organized structure!

Once you select the reference market and you set the goal of your research, you just need to publish your needs anonymously on our platform.

In this way your company will be able to invest these resources elsewhere, because thanks to the INSIGHTS FUNCTION it is possible to monitor our work remotely at any given time.

When the contacted companies express interest in the distribution of your products (generally in 6-8 weeks), you will receive a contact from them in order to start a new collaboration.

To sum up, the research for distributors in new markets can be difficult, but with Matchplat valuable time will be saved through the outsourcing of the research so that you will get best results with lower investment.