Your search engine for finding companies. Anywhere in the world.

By combining official sources, AI and web data, Matchplat Explore helps you find customers, suppliers and distributors for your strategy in real time, starting from a database with over 450 million companies in 196 countries.

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The solution for finding customers online (and beyond).

You need to find customers and other business partners? You might carry out online research, wait for your next trade fair or buy expensive consultancies to analyze the markets you are targeting. In any case, finding customers, distributors or suppliers requires huge investments.

Matchplat Explore is the search engine to identify companies with the key features you are looking for. All thanks to the combination of a database based on official sources with over 450 million businesses, Artificial Intelligence algorithms and web contents.

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Set up your research.

Set up
your research.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to find customers, suppliers, distributors, partners or competitors. It only takes a few seconds to identify them: choose the country, the size of companies, their status of activity and the keywords describing them.

Piattaforma analisi di mercato

Find companies
in real time.

Matchplat Explore AI algorithms analyze over 20 billion web pages in real time to find only the right companies for you, ranked by products and services, certifications, raw materials, financial data and much more. Finding new business customers and partners has never been easier.

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your results

Explore is not just a business search engine, but a complete solution for building new relationships with the partners you need. Save your searches in one click and customize your results with the additional functions, all in a single workspace.

Get all the support you need.

Thanks to a dedicated training, you can immediately make the most out of the platform. So finding customers, suppliers and distributors worldwide will no longer be a problem. But if you need an extra hand to reap your rewards, our Consultants are here to help.

Data available with Matchplat

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Company name



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Phone number

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Products and services



Dati finanziari

Financial data

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