The AI-powered B2B platform

Carry out market analysis on over 400 million companies worldwide to find new suppliers, distributors, customers and partners

Your virtual data analyst to find customers, suppliers, partners and competitors around the world

Always up-to-date data by cross-referencing official databases and web sources

Carry out specific searches when and where you want in total autonomy

Reduce costs for the national and international growth of your business

How Explore works?

Explore is the solution for quickly and efficiently identifying new B2B customers, distributors, suppliers, partners and competitors among 400 million companies in 196 countries.

Explore is available in two forms:

  • Platform, purchased as a license.
  • Advisory, purchased as a project-based service.
With our B2B market research tool you gain commercial information on millions of companies worldwide

Explore Platform

Carry out all the market analysis you want on your own

  • Choose in which countries to focus your research
  • Profile your market of interest
  • Identify keywords to refine your target audience
  • Search and get results in minutes
  • Group companies by category and view data easily
  • Refine the data further by adding new keywords
  • Get personalised assistance with our Premium Support service

Explore Advisory

Receive a final report with a list of profiled companies

  • We take care of everything
  • A dedicated advisory service for your company
  • We listen to your needs and define your business goals
  • Our Data Analysts carry out an ad hoc market analysis
  • We identify the target companies in the countries of interest
  • We draw up a list of profiled companies
  • We provide you with a report of the companies identified

What do you get?

A complete and verified list of all profiled companies

Always up-to-date data sources about target companies

Company details (company name, location, website, contacts, industry)

Visualisation both as a list and as an interactive map

Do you want to get other information?

Choose Overview to identify industrial and distribution clusters and get an up-to-date picture of the most promising markets for your business

Choose Enrich to obtain additional data on the decision makers or financial status of the companies you are interested in

Choose Connect to receive strategic information and feedback from key figures in selected companies about your offering

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