In the modern B2B world, every ambitious company wants to increase its brand through commercial collaborations. For this reason companies are constantly searching for new suppliers, distributors, clients and so on. However, this kind of research requires important investment in terms of time and resources.

What are the current steps to find a strategic partnership?

When a company wants to explore new potencial partnerships, it usually follows these steps:

  1. Defining the objective of the partnership
  2. Research with current solutions and tools (research with search engine, exhibitions, directory).
  3. Targetization process from the reference market to the target companies.
  4. Qualification of the target companies
  5. Contact of the target companies (either by phone or email) in order to schedule a meeting or a call.
  6. Meeting in order to explain the company’s needs
  7. Beginning of the collaboration (first tests, negotiations) in order to create a successful partnership.

This process can bring numerous advantages to companies, but it is still slow and very expensive. That’s the reason why we have defined a faster, cheaper and high-quality guarantees standardized process.

What is the process defined by Matchplat?

  1. Defining the objective of the partnership.
  2. Writing anonymously the company’s needs (what they’re looking for) on our platform.
  3. Companies interested in the opportunity will send you a Match in order to get in touch
  4. Beginning of the collaboration (first tests, negotiations), after accepting inbound matches.

With our standardized process we support all ambitious companies, in order to create long-term relationships. Every phase of the process is supported by our network of partners and our collaborations with many information providers.

Every company in our network is qualified according to the following criteria: financial situation, legal situation, credit situation, reliability in payments and image damage.