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Matchplat offers a global service to qualified companies, assisting them with dedicated figures to find the right partners tailored to every specific need.
Artificial intelligence algorithms and a specialized team allow Matchplat to find companies perfectly in target and interested in collaborating with you.
Matchplat's focused research will identify and vet new partners for your business.
100% of active companies
reached by Matchplat
+ 250 million companies
that Matchplat reaches every day
196 nations in the world
where Matchplat operates actively
83% of companies
start a business relationship within 45 days
How we put you in contact with companies
Understanding the need
When a company signs up for our services, we support it by writing needs anonymously. These needs will be managed by our dedicated team, responsible for studying the opportunity and analyzing the specific details.
Target identification
Thanks to an automated process and our artificial intelligence algorithms, we identify the right target for each need and we do specific analysis on the companies found.
Quality checks
We perform quality checks on the financial, legal and credit situation of every company and we test the punctuality in payments and if they have any damage to image.
Selection and contact
We select the companies that pass the quality controls and we contact only the right companies to share with them the need of our client.
You will receive contact requests from companies interested in meeting you!
We will send you real-time reports on the work we are doing and specific data of your reference market.
No matchplat
Perform market research
Select the correct target
Perform quality checks on the selected companies
Contact the selected companies
Meet the companies interested in meeting you
Explain the need of your company
Beginning of the relationship (negotiations, first tests, consolidated report)
Write an anonymous opportunity on our platform
Receive contact requests from qualified companies interested in your opportunity
Beginning of the relationship (negotiations, first tests, consolidated report)
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