This document contains Matchplat trademark notice.

  1. “Matchplat” logo property“Matchplat” logo is Matchplat s.r.l. ownership trademark registered at the Patent and Trademark Office (IT) ………………….
  2. TrademarkUnder the Italian and European Union law on trademark, International conventions and other trademark regulations, the use of Matchplat trademark is strictly forbidden. All forms of economic exploitation of the “Matchplat” trademark not authorized by Matchplat s.r.l. are prohibited.
  3. Request for authorisation of commercial use of Matchplat trademarkIf the User is interested in the economic exploitation of Matchplat trademark, he has to make a written request to the email address [email protected]. In that case, Matchplat will answer and, if necessary, it will authorize the applicant.
  4. Contacts for reports of trademark infringementMatchplat trademark infringements may be reported to the email address [email protected].
Date of the last revision: 24/10/17