Through the following privacy policy, Matchplat s.r.l. (” Matchplat“) outlines its policies relating to the storing, purpose and method of processing personal data.

The information present in this document applies to all websites, applications, and services which Matchplat offers based on the following privacy policy.

By registering an account with Matchplat, the User accepts the Terms and Conditions highlighted in the following privacy policy, hereby consenting to Matchplat’s processing and storing of data within the limits of current legislation and the obligations which are it imposes.


The Data Controller is Matchplat s.r.l. (start-up incorporated under Article 4(10) bis of the law 24 January 2015, n. 3), VAT ID/C.F.: n. IT03939130989, with registered address: Italy, Adro Via Lega Lombarda n. 6.



Matchplat collects and stores various types of data, some of which are directly supplied by the User, and others of which are automatically tracked through IT tools.

Below is a list of the types of data which are stored by Matchplat, with a description of the collection method:

a)-Data which is voluntarily provided by the User

The data which is voluntarily provided by the User includes: name and surname (for freelancers)/ company name (for companies), addresses (registered address, administrative office, geographic location of User’s business activity), business sector, VAT ID, company website, e-mail and password to the Matchplat account. This information is filled in by the User during the registration process to the platform.

Information relating to the opportunities posted on the Matchplat platform: e.g. nature, technical characteristics, relevant markets, geographic location, pricing, terms, delivery, billing, physical aspects, customs, preferences, restrictions, and all other useful information used to describe the opportunity that is posted on the platform. This data is inputted through the completion and publication of an opportunity posted on the platform.

-other data which is provided spontaneously or by request from Matchplat, on behalf of the User : e.g. data which is provided through the completion of questionnaires, letters or e-mails of all types which are requested or sent to Matchplat.

Inputting certain data is deemed compulsory by Matchplat, the refusal of which will render registration to the platform or use of the service impossible (” compulsory field </strong >”). If the registration term is not “compulsory”, the User is free to decide whether to provide the requested information, meaning that refusal to comply will not affect the service provided by Matchplat (” optional field </strong >”)

b)-Data which is automatically stored by Matchplat through its use of cookies or similar technologies

There is other information that is automatically collected by Matchplat (also through “third parties”) via the use of technical and analytical cookies.

Cookies are small text files that are saved by a browser or device when the User uses the Matchplat website or the functionalities linked to the platform.

The data which is automatically stored includes:

-information which is strictly necessary for the functioning of the Services: Matchplat uses technical cookies in order to save the User session, to distribute its contents through various servers located in multiple countries and to carry out all other aciticty that is strictly necessary for the functioning of the platform (e.g. in relation to the distribution of traffic);

-information linked to the saving of preferences, optimisations and statistics: Matchplat utilises technical cookies in order to save search preferences and to optimise the search functionalities of the User during use of the Matchplat platform;

-information linked to the searches conducted by the User: Matchplat uses analytical cookies in order to collect data regarding e.g. IP addresses, the names of the computer domains used by Users, URI addresses, the methods used to send requests to the server and the dimensions of files that are received, the numeric code that indicates the status of the server (positive outcome, error, etc), the country of origin, the characteristics of the browser and of the operating system that is used by the User, the timing details of the search and of the actions undertaken on the platform.

Certain data is directly tracked by Matchplat, whilst other data is simply collected and analysed by ” third parties“. In particular: Google Analytics </strong >, a Web analytics service offered by Google ireland limited. that enables the collection and analysis of the relevant statistics to User access on the website and Matchplat platform. Based on the stored information, Google will analyse the data anonymously and is forbidden to mix data.

The cookies which are used can be deactivated or removed by changing the settings on most browsers ; this way the User has the option to impede the automatic collection the data listed above. By deactivating or removing cookies, this could have a negative effect on the use of the functions present on the Matchplat website and platform.

For more information regarding cookies, please see the page: cookies policy</a >.

c)-No personal data is received by Matchplat through third parties

Matchplat does not receive any data regarding the User and their business activity by third parties in relation to the Matchplat group. Matchplat may only receive data from companies that belong to the Matchplat group, in relation to the Privacy Policy and current legislation.

d)-No data related to payment is received or managed by Matchplat

Matchplat does not manage or conduct payment operations and doesn’t store any data regarding bank details or other payment methods utilised by the User during payment of the service subscription.

For more information regarding payment methods, please see our payment methods page: payment methods



Data is collected for the following objectives:

a)- fulfilment of contractual obligations: e.g. in order to manage the account and to ensure the adequate use of the contractual service.

b)- communication with the User: e.g. to solve technical problems, controversies or for the execution of an invoice. Matchplat may contact the party in question directly or communicate through an Agent or Partner that operates in the appropriate geographic region;

c)- prevention, detection and analysis of fraudulent activity, violation of security and potentially illegal or forbidden activity;

d)- analysis and statistics: e.g. aimed at improving services, by rendering them more efficient whilst safeguarding security to the User during navigation;

e)- implementation of fast links and personalised suggestions for the User;

f)- promotion of Matchplat’s products and services. Not for promoting third-party products or services not offered by companies belonging to the Matchplat group.

g)- market research: e.g. to verify the level of client satisfaction in relation to the quality of the offered service.



The processing of data is undertaken by Matchplat, using printed and computerised documentation, depending on the objectives in question, whilst guaranteeing the full security and protection of the acquired data. In compliance with current privacy law, data will be:

-processed in a lawful and diligent manner

-collected and stored for specific and legitimate purposes whilst being used for other objectives that lie in compliance with these purposes

-exact, and updated when necessary

-pertinent, complete and always in accordance with the underlying purpose for the storing of the data

-conserved in a manner that enables the analysis of the relevant information for a time period not exceeding that which is necessary to execute the purpose for their storing

The following is highlighted.


3.1. Location and transfer of the acquired data

The collected data is stored and conserved on Matchplat’s servers that lie within the European Union. The eventual transfer of data to countries that lie outside of Europe will be promtly communicated to the Users in question and will be in full compliance of all relevant and applicable legislation within the realm of data privacy.


3.2. Security Systems

The collection and use of data is performed using technological instruments and adequate standards that guarantee the maximum level of security and confidentiality during the analysis of the acquired data.

For the purposes highlighted above, Matchplat utilises the following technologies:

-Data cryptography “at rest” technology Microsoft Azure SQL Server “Always Encrypted”;

– Transit data cryptography (HTTPS – TLS);

For further information, please contact the company directly.


3.3. Sharing of the collected data

The collected data is shared with the following natural and legal persons:

a)- other active Users that are signed onto the platform: the data provided within posted opportunities and the data of the User that posted the opportunity is shared with other Users (that are signed to the platform), analysed using a complex algorithm, developed to select the Users that are potentially interested in the posted opportunity;

b)- Agents and Partners: the identified data may be communicated with Agents and Partners (e.g. Chambers of Commerce, public or private commercial institutions, conference organisers, exhibitions and fairs etc.) who lie in a position of responsibility, consultancy or trust for the aforementioned party.

c)- internal offices and internal or external collaborators with Matchplat : personal data may be communicated to internal or external company collaborators for the sole purpose of improving, optimising and increasing the efficiency of the offered service. External collaborators can include e.g. service providers

d)- Data Protection Officer: the DPO reserves the right to access the stored data in order to fulfill his/her role.

e)- Public Authorities or Administrations for the fulfilment of law

f)- companies subject to direction on behalf of Matchplat s.r.l.: the collected data may be shared and communicated to other companies affiliated with the Matchplat group on the condition that they abide by the terms & conditions highlighted in this Privacy Policy.

g)- companies resulting from mergers, de-mergers etc.: Once having informed Users, their data may then be transferred to legal persons deriving from mergers, de-mergers or company status changes on the condition that they abide by the terms & conditions highlighted in this Privacy Policy.

h)- sale of companies or business units: Once having informed Users, their data may be transferred to companies or business units that have been sold by a parent company on the condition that they abide by the terms & conditions highlighted in this Privacy Policy.


3.4. Duration of data storage and deletion of collected data

The collected data is stored for the entire duration of the contract.

However, the User bears the right to revoke or suspend their consent to the use of their data ; this may be exercised by deleting the data, by terminating the profile or by sending an official request to the DPO.

Matchplat will ensure deletion of all data whose storage is no longer supported by law as soon as is reasonably possible.



The User is guaranteed the following rights:

-right to ask for confirmation of the existence of personal data concerning them

-right to obtain updated categories of the collected data, the nature of its use and the analyses conducted by Matchplat.

-right to request identification details of the DPO

-right to obtain updates regarding the integration of data which concerns the User in question

-right to request the deletion, to render anonymous, or to block the use of data that violates law, including that which did not require storage in relation to the objectives for which the data was originally stored or subsequently used.

-right to oppose, either fully or partially, for legitimate reasons that relate to the use of personal data that relate to the User in question, even though they remain consistent with the reasons for use.

-right to refuse consent to the use of personal data that concerns the User in question for publicity, direct sale, for the performance of market research or for commercial communication.



The issuer of the Privacy Policy reserves the right to modify the current policy at any moment, whilst ensuring that all Users are re-directed to the revised policy through Matchplat’s services. It is advised that Users regularly check this page, and refer to the date of the last modification shown at the bottom.



The Data Protection Officer (D.P.O.) for Matchplat is Yuri Sabbadini (C.F.: SBBYRU90R29I437Y), e-mail address [email protected] ;



Further details regarding storing, objectives, use, rights of the User, and the changes made to the Privacy Policy, may be requested to the Data Controller using the following e-mail address: [email protected]


Last updated: 24.07.2019