Terms of Payment

These terms of payment are an integral part of the General contract conditions and Matchplat terms of services. This act governs: price, taxes, payment methods, refunds and any other aspects related to the purchase of Matchplat Services.

    1. PRICE
      1. The prices of the Services offered by Matchplat may vary. For the contract only the visible price at the time of purchase is valid.
      2. The purchase price of Matchplat Services is in Euro or other official currency of the Italian State.
      3. Exchange rates and any exchange charges are directly applied by payment service managers: NEXI PAYMENTS S.p.A. (as for Credit Card Payments) and UBI BANCA S.p.A. (as for bank transfers).

    1. TAXThe service price may be subject to applicable taxes, so at the time of purchase, Matchplat expressly states:
      1. 1)-the service net price;
      2. 2)-if the transaction is subject to Italian VAT:
      3. 2a)-what the rate of the Italian VAT is;
      4. 2b)-the translation gross price.

        1. To meet the User’s needs, Matchplat s.r.l. offers two different payment methods: (a) Credit Card and (b) Bank Transfer.


        1. a)-Credit Card:

      To ensure the security of its customers, Matchplat uses the CartaSi X-PAY payment service offered by NEXI PAYMENTS S.P.A., which allows you to make payments through the following Credit Cards: Visa; Visa Electron; MasterCard; V-Pay; Master; American Express; Diners. To ensure maximum security, Matchplat does not take part in the payment transactions and, therefore, does not know the Credit Card information used by the User. For further information on security systems and other aspects, visit the website:


        1. b)-Bank Transfer:

      The bank account details on which to make the transfers are the following ones:

      Account holder: MATCHPLAT S.R.L.

      Bank: UBI banca S.p.A.

      IBAN: IT76P0311154901000000000214


      Purpose: Matchplat services purchasing by “your company name”


      For further information on security systems and other aspects please visit website:

    1. INVOICE
      1. For any commercial transaction Matchplat s.r.l. shall issue regular invoice.
      2. The invoice will be sent automatically to the email address indicated by the User on his own personal account.

    1. REFUNDS
      1. In the event of a withdrawal, the refund will be quantified on the basis of the residual value of the contract at the time of early termination. Refunds will have to be required by the User, failing that Matchplat won’t arrange them officially. The required refunds will be paid on the debit system indicated by the user in the appropriate refund request.
      2. Due to technical limitations, we are able to provide refunds only by making cash deposit into a bank account. If the User makes a purchase and later requests a refund for any reason, he must have a bank account in order to receive the refund.
      3. In the refund request, the User has to indicate:
      4. a)-his name or the company name;
      5. b)-the reason of the refund request;
      6. c)-IBAN on which to perform the transfer;
      7. d)-his mail address;
      8. e)-the request date.
      9. The refund request has to be sent to the address [email protected].
      10. 5.4 Matchplat will consider if there are all the conditions for the refund and, if so, it will quantify the due amount to the User. The decision (positive or negative) will be communicate to the user on the email address indicated on the refund request. If the User, for any reason, disagrees with this decision, he may contact us again at the address [email protected].
      11. 5.5 The refund transfer will be made in short time on the bank account details (IBAN) expressly indicated by the user on the refund request.

  1. CONTACT MATCHPALTIf you have any questions about payment, contact us at mail address [email protected].
Date of the last revision: 24/10/17